by Kiran Dass

2000ft Above Worry Level, a sublime novel about humdrum things

thank goodness we have art that captures the piercing anxiety and guilt that comes from trying to stay alive during late capitalism

Alie Benge 18/02/20
The Spinoff

BBC Worldwide New Zealand Book Club

A new generation novel

Doris Mousdale 28/02/20
BBC Worldwide

Funny and engaging sketches of a young man’s struggles

Funny, full of small­scale personal tragedies, and highly readable

Jessie Neilson 29/02/20
Otago Daily Times

95bfm’s Loose Reads

before I knew it it was one a.m., I’d read 70 pages and my boyfriend was calling out ‘what are you cracking up about’ from the next room.

Kiran Dass 01/03/20

Drawn Conclusions: a graphic book review

Page after page, Eamonn Marra’s sensibility gains clarity in lumpy wads

Theo McDonald 05/03/20
Metro Magazine

What Hera Lindsay Bird is reading in March-April 2020

There is a kind of magical deadpan quality to his work which is simultaniously hilarious and despairing.

Hera Lindsay Bird 05/03/20
Metro Magazine

North and South

The maligned generation that social commentators just can’t seem to get their heads around is here laid bare for examination.

North and South

Why 2000ft Above Worry Level is a real sign of the times

Marra’s verbal delivery is that of a comedian on Prozac where an off-kilter laugh-track echoes oddly behind each doleful confession.

David Herkt 22/03/20

Dilemmas cross generations

It is often dazzlingly funny but there’s a melancholy that lingers and a sense of purpose that gradually comes into focus”

Nik Dirga 28/03/20
NZ Herald

Claire Mabey’s Lockdown Booklist

The best and the worst depths of living in this ludicrous mash of systems and digital communications and poverty, love, family and some kind of linear trajectory that we’re supposed to be looking for.

Claire Mabey 08/04/20
Pantograph Punch

Unity Books Crikey File #4

He’s also in the small club of writers who can write successfully about a sunset.

Unity Books Newsletter

Sucker Punch

Even when the subjects are depression, alienation and anhedonia, the good, focused and tone-perfect prose and the understated humour collaborate to make 2000ft Above Worry Level more than an impressive debut.

Nicholas Reid 01/07/20
Landfall Review

Poetry Shelf Review

I laughed out loud and I winced and I almost cried and then I laughed out loud again and I just didn’t want to put the book down.

Paula Green 23/03/2021
Poetry Shelf