Various works

What works and what doesn’t: how a job effects mental health

The Wireless, March 2014

Seven values for contentious comics 

The Wireless, April 2014

Loose Cannons 

Pantograph Punch, September 2015

Anxiety Mixtape – A Lesson in Empathy 

The Wireless, March 2014

Musical Highlights of 2014 

undertheradar.co.nz, December 2014

Memories of a crumbling home 

The Watercooler/The Wireless, November 2015

Musical Highlights of 2015 

undertheradar.co.nz, December 2015

Santa the Christmas Hedgehog 

Turbine, December 2016

My Friend Rod 

RNZ, April 2017 (Audio)

The Omnivore 

Mimicry Issue 1, July 2016 (Purchase)

These kinds of jokes have real repercussions 

The Wireless, March 2017

Tapping an Audience: From Blog to Books 

Booksellers, April 2017

Poets share their favourite song, bands share their favourite poem

The Wireless, April 2017

Dog Farm/Food Game 

Sport, May 2017

Debts (Excerpt) 

Mood Machine / Satellites, June 2018 (not available online)

Among the Masculinists 

The Spinoff, May 2017

Depression and Anxiety Diary 

Mimicry / Pantograph Punch, October 2017

Fake it til you make it 

Headlands (VUP), October 2018 (link to purchase)

Three Pizzas 

Sport, November 2018 (link to purchase)

Somebody please kiss me

Food Court Verb Journal, November 2019

Eamonn Marra is done mining his mental health for art. Here’s why

The Spinoff, February 2020

Do not be afraid 

Food Court cruise to Australia, October 2019


ill Your Darlings, November 2019

The Wart 

Pantograph Punch, February 2020