Every Record I own: Sinkane – Gettin’ Weird

Every Record I own: Sinkane – Gettin’ Weird

Flying Out did a story on their instagram flicking through their sale bin and there were a couple of things in there I recognised, so I got those, but also streamed a few tracks from the other records to see if there was anything else I wanted, and ended up picking this one up. This has probably become my most played record of the ones I bought that day.

It’s full of big fat synths and drum machines, with additional percussion and layers of strings and vocals. It gets pretty wonky and does get weird, but the experimentation never goes anywhere near being difficult listening.

The music is sort of genreless, about half of the songs built from krauty grooves, and half built in a more songy structure. The track Ya Sudan is probably the most successful in blending these two sides of the record and is the stand out track of the record.

Apparently this release was Sinkane’s chance to try weird things at a studio with a bunch of experienced musicians who knew the studio. It was a real success. I need to now check out his other music to see what it was a departure from.

fave tracks: Everyone, Ya Sudan