Every Record I Own: Aldous Harding – Party

Every Record I Own: Aldous Harding – Party

Before this record came out there was a live version of Horizon at Whammy Bar that got shared online. It was one of the most captivating music videos I’ve ever seen. I thrashed it in the months leading up to this albums release, playing it extremely loud at my old flat. It’s rare for me to get to excited about upcoming released.

I used to see Aldous Harding perform around Christchurch when I was in my early 20s. She played sets almost entirely of covers, but was always a really captivating performer. Often speaking entirely in a fake french accent, or in other silly voices.

When her first album came out I was really impressed by the songs, but it felt like some of that live charisma was lost in the record. The video of Horizon seemed to show that that charisma had only levelled up.

This album definitely does a better job of capturing that than her first, and also has levelled up in songwriting. I think her next album does that again. (both of these will be eventually covered in this blog)

I was first a little disappointed by this, because my hopes were so high. But the subtleties of the recordings have since won me over. She makes weirdo pop singles, quieter reflective album tracks, and an intense performance You can’t go into her music looking for one of those sides, you need to accept them all.

The more I listened the more small moments won me other, and while the singles Blend, Horizon and Imagining My Man all are bangers and hit hard and immediately, some of my favourite moments in the album are from the slower quieter songs.

I think Aldous Harding could release an incredible live album or film. Hopefully it will happen one day.

fave songs: The World is looking at you, Imagining My Man, Party.