Every Record I Own: Fetus Productions – Fetalmania

Every Record I Own: Fetus Productions – Fetalmania

I bought this record by searching for Flying Nun on Trademe in my early 20s. This was in the era when records by The Clean and Chills etc were selling for $100+ but you could buy the lesser known ones for $10-$20. (Just checked my email, I paid $18 for this in 2011)

Fetus Productions hadn’t been represented in the Flying Nun compilations I owned, and I don’t think I had heard much online at the time so it was kind of a shot in the dark buying this record, but I’m really glad I did because it rules.

Using drum machines/synths and effected guitars, they fit more in with the Skeptics/Headless Chickens type of sound than the jangle pop that is usually associated with Flying Nun, but are less abrasive than the Skeptics and have more of a cohesive sound than Headless Chickens.

Where as those other bands often used electronic and effected instruments to create a more aggressive and often inhuman sound, Fetus Productions generally used them to elevate and add a complexity to emotions in the songs, with the second side of this record being particularly effective at this.

Relistening just before I post, this is not how the case with some of the songs, especially the very creepy instrumental opening, I’m a Criminal.

It’s kind of surprising that this band hasn’t had as much longevity as some of the other Flying Nun bands of the same era, although if they had I probably would have not been able to afford this record son I’m glad.

Fave Tracks: State to be In, What’s Going On