Every Record I Own: Groeni – Hinde

Every Record I Own: Groeni – Hinde

This is a 12″ EP from Wellington band Groeni released in the mid 2010s.

It’s a sort of ambient electronic but with complex driving beats, heavily affected vocals, slow moving soft synths.

I hadn’t listened for a couple of years until the other week when I put it on and remembered just how, for a lack of a better term, pleasant it is to listen to. The mix of slow and fast, upbeat and relaxed, complex and simple makes music that both fills up a room like ambient music does but captures your attention.

They were a staple of the live music scene when I was involved and were always really amazing live.

Now 2/3rds of Groeni are behind Good Boy Sandwiches. I’m not sure if they’re making music at all anymore, but they make the best sandwiches in Wellington.

Fave songs: Hedre, but the whole EP works really well together

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