Every Record I Own: Groeni – Hinde

Every Record I Own: Groeni – Hinde

This is a 12″ EP from Wellington band Groeni released in the mid 2010s.

It’s a sort of ambient electronic but with complex driving beats, heavily affected vocals, slow moving soft synths.

I hadn’t listened for a couple of years until the other week when I put it on and remembered just how, for a lack of a better term, pleasant it is to listen to. The mix of slow and fast, upbeat and relaxed, complex and simple makes music that both fills up a room like ambient music does but captures your attention.

They were a staple of the live music scene when I was involved and were always really amazing live.

Now 2/3rds of Groeni are behind Good Boy Sandwiches. I’m not sure if they’re making music at all anymore, but they make the best sandwiches in Wellington.

Fave songs: Hedre, but the whole EP works really well together

Every Record I Own: Glass Vaults – Sojourn

Every Record I Own: Glass Vaults – Sojourn

The backyard is of the best things about my house. It gets lots of sun but has areas with shade. Has a picnic table. There’s a little courtyard and a lawn. We just mowed the lawns the other day and tidied up so outside is quite nice at the moment especially.

My old flatmate wired up some speakers that sit under the back door awning. They’re nice speakers that point directly to where you sit.

This morning I sat out on the picnic table, drank a coffee and polished my shoes and listened to this record. It was so nice and I thought this moment should be documented.

I think this is the best sitting in the sun and drinking coffee record I own.

I’ll come back to Glass Vaults again.

Fave tracks: Life is the Show, Sojourn, Come and be Beautiful